Yoda soon ready for adoption

Yoda seems to be a Vizsla mixed puppy at 6 months of age who is now at the vet’s for his neuter, Rabies, DAPP with Lepto shots and check-up.  He is super sweet, great with other dogs, always tail wagging and loves to meet new people.  He is learning not to jump on people to say hello and is pretty good at listening to commands.  He will be recovering this week and ready on Saturday for his loving home.yoda

Cute puppy looking for his home!

Pitch is a cute little Heinz 57, maybe some Daschund in there?  Will take pictures shortly and post so you can see his cute little face.  Colors of a german sheppard but body of a Dashchund Ha! Ha!  Approx 10 weeks old, will be confirmed by our vet shortly.  He will be ready for adoption this weekend!

Specialty Shoppe – update

We have been working hard on setting up our Specialty Shoppe and it’s really looking good.  We opened last Wednesday from 6:30pm to 9pm and everyone that came said we have “really cool” stuff for sale.  A few pictures to show you what we have done with the NARC mobile home – now our Specialty Shoppe opened every Wednesday nights from 6:30pm to 9pm.











Olive adopted – Specialty Shoppe Update

Well, our wonderful little Olive which will be renamed Alice has gone to her forever home tonight.  We are so grateful for all the wonderful adoptive families out there giving amazing homes to our beautiful rescues!  Thank you ladies and I know for sure she will bring you many years of fun, laughter and love.

Working hard on the Indoor Specialty Shoppe, we will be opened next Wednesday from 6:30pm to 9pm.  Although we may not have everything set up to view, we have quite a few new and used items – something for everyone!  Children clothing, women clothing, household items (lamps, furniture, kettles, blender, dishes, jewelry…) doggy supplies (shampoos, ear cleaners, tear removers, crates, harnesses, brushes, combs…), books, binders, DVD’s, movies, speakers, computer monitors, etc…

Thank you everyone!

Thank you to our wonderful volunteers that came and helped with clean up this weekend and clients that came with donations for our Garage Sale.  We are not quite ready yet to open this week but it’s getting there!  We think we will be able to open our Specialty Shoppe on Wednesday, September 14th.  Hope to see you all there!  We will be here this Wednesday for those who couldn’t come this weekend to drop off their donations – we thank you again for everything you are doing for NARC.  Our puppies are always grateful for full bellies and their vetting…  Maybe not happy about the vetting part Ha! Ha! as they usually come back in pain from spay/neuter and other surgeries but we are sure they appreciate it after the initial surgeries.

Vet’s Today

We brought our cuties Sushie and Smiley back at the vet’s for their second DA2PP this morning, just before opening up at 11am to 2pm for client visits.  Sushie’s hernia has not changed and we are patiently awaiting her turning 4-5 months so we can get it fixed during her spay.  Vet doesn’t think it is hurting her, it is on her side and she is playfull, very happy – tail was wagging even when we were checking her temperature – such a sweet girl!  Olive has found her home and is moving with her new family on Wednesday evening, so happy for our little one!