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H A L O: Lighting Up Heaven on Earth is a collection of stories written by an International Group of Heart and Service Centered Co-authors.  We aim to connect with your heart to bless, inspire, uplift, empower, heal, and enlighten you with stories on Health, Abundance, Love, and more.  Within these pages, you will find wisdom, answers, and guidance to assist you in improving the quality of your everyday experiences.
Compiled by: Brian Calhoun;  Co-Authors:  Brian D Calhoun, Menna Glyn Andrews, Melisa Archer, Natalie Bélair, Nicole Black, Valerie Cameron, Angie Carter, Robyn Dewar, Jennifer Dahl-Kowalski, Georgie Deyn, Julie L. Dudley, Michelle Evans, Marie-Hélène Fortin, Kelly Gregory, Quin Van Hagen, Robert Hickinbotham, Sharon Hickinbotham, Kimberly Hutt, Ivana Risianova, Manpreet Komal, Louise Lajeunesse, Fiona Louise, Michelle Mayer, Tracey Nguyen, Maggie Power, Brenda Rachel, Bonnie Scarborough, Michelle Scarborough, Cheryl Sinfield, Vonne Solis, Mary Willemsen, Jamieson Wolf, Regina Wright

Yoshi is at the vet’s

We have a little Pomeranian, approx. 5 years old who is at the vet’s right now to undergo his neuter tomorrow morning, Rabies & DAPP-L vaccines.  (Crypthorchid neuter meaning his testicules are on the inside so he will have 2 separate incisions on each side to get them out!).  Poor little boy but we are sure he will heal nicely.  He should be ready by Sunday to adopt, let us know quickly if you wish to meet him as our little doggies don’t stay with us very long these days!

Wow – great donations today!

Thank you so much to the group in Navan who came with a huge trailer full of donations for our store.  Tons of new items will be displayed on Wednesday during our store hours from 6:30pm to 8:30pm.  Come see what we have, lots of dishes, furniture, chairs, appliances, clothes – you name it, it’s probably there!

Banjo is ready for his home!

Such a sweet boy, loves attention and listens well.  Now good on leash walks, does not pull as he used to so maintenance with him will be key.  Good with the cats although he is curious and really wants to play with them, a quick NO and he stops in his tracks which is amazing.  New picture of him just posted!

I am that, I am

What is the definition of GOD?




Life your life to the fullest, Give freely, Become one with everyone else no matter what you think they did wrong and Follow your Destiny.  If you don’t know or haven’t found your destiny yet, sit quietly, take deep breaths and it will come to you.  We all know deep inside what our Destiny is – we sometimes just have to look deep inside us!


Hey all!  Every year at this time, we get bombarded with calls regarding wildlife, asking us to come and pick them up but unfortunately that is NOT what we do here at NARC.  If you have a wild animal, please contact the Canadian Wildlife and they will inform you where to drop them off or you can always contact your City’s By-Law Officer who will certainly pick them up!  Sorry that we aren’t able to help but we really are not equipped to deal with wild animals.  Thank you.

Health Tip – Fatty Liver

It used to be that if you had a fatty liver, you were a heavy alcohol drinker.  With research and seeing many people who don’t drink liquor including children have a fatty liver; Doctors realized that eating sugar causes a fatty liver.  So, basically too much sugar is like being an alcoholic and you can damage your liver drastically and your health.  Your body only needs a certain amount of sugar in a day.  When overeating/drinking sweets or sugary foods our body stores it in our liver who then turns it into fat.  Be conscious of what you eat/drink and try to reduce your sugar intake.  Did you know that flour is completely packed with sugar?  I didn’t so now I am eliminating those morning muffins that I was enjoying, helping my body to hopefully do it’s job and eliminate fat instead of storing it…  Dieting made easy, cut back on all sweet foods/drinks!

Vet’s this week

Went to the vet’s with Zulaima, a 4-5 month old puppy who is now on eye drops for an eye infection, let’s hope it heals quickly so she can leave for her forever home!  She is such a good girl, so sweet and submissive!  Will follow you everywhere, loves to cuddle and certainly will give you kisses when asked – OK she will give you her nose so you can give her kisses, just too cute Ha! Ha!  So far she has her 1st DAPP-L, 2nd DAPP-L and Rabies.  Cute pictures coming shortly!

Store opening soon!

The nice weather is slowly coming back and we will be re-opening our store very shortly for the summer.  Few more weeks to go, May 10th is our re-opening night!  You will be able to drop off your donations every Wednesday evenings between 6pm to 8pm and also see if there is anything you like in our specialty store!  Can’t wait to see everyone again, it seems like it was a very long winter Ha! Ha! Ha!

Before throwing your stuff away, bring your items to NARC and we will definitely make use of it, sell it to raise funds or pass it on to others in need!  See you all soon!