Health Tip – Fatty Liver

It used to be that if you had a fatty liver, you were a heavy alcohol drinker.  With research and seeing many people who don’t drink liquor including children have a fatty liver; Doctors realized that eating sugar causes a fatty liver.  So, basically too much sugar is like being an alcoholic and you can damage your liver drastically and your health.  Your body only needs a certain amount of sugar in a day.  When overeating/drinking sweets or sugary foods our body stores it in our liver who then turns it into fat.  Be conscious of what you eat/drink and try to reduce your sugar intake.  Did you know that flour is completely packed with sugar?  I didn’t so now I am eliminating those morning muffins that I was enjoying, helping my body to hopefully do it’s job and eliminate fat instead of storing it…  Dieting made easy, cut back on all sweet foods/drinks!

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