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Dogs are part of the family, please ensure you are ready for a household pet before committing to a rescue canine.  NARC dogs are rarely returned, that being said we do not have a return policy and may reimburse only if your existing dog or cats are not accepting NARC’s rescue.  There will be an administrative fee of $150.00 being that we test all of our rescues with many other dogs at parks or on visits to vet clinics, pet stores, etc..  NARC’s rescues are also familiar with house cats prior to being adopted.  We also provide all the information necessary about NARC’s rescue to the potential adoptive families prior to adoption, especially if they are not good with the household cats (our veterinary clinic has a clinic cat running around loose all day!).  We very rarely have background information on our dogs other than knowing they are from a pound, other organizations and are usually picked up as strays.  The training they have is given by our wonderful foster homes and volunteers.  Most of our rescues leave us with a knowledge of basic commands such as sit, stay, paw, other paw, kisses and possibly a few other tricks.  If you require further information, feel free to contact us at